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Re: chroot

On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 02:12:08PM -0700, Mike McClain wrote:
> I have two different but fairly complete versions of 
> Debian installed on separate partitoins on my computer
> Sarge on hdc1 and Etch on hda1. If from Etch I chroot
> into Sarge then execute some command 'ls' for instance.
> Which 'ls' is being executed, Sarge's or Etch's and how 
> can I see which is running?

It's running the one inside the system (host or chroot) you
are currently in.  You need to be able to check which is

cat /etc/debian_version to double check.

Or, install schroot and set it up to access your chroot; it
will set the bash prompt and /etc/debian_chroot to tell you
where you are.


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