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Re: checking integrity of already written CD/DVD

On 31.03.09 08:18, Paul E Condon wrote:
> A second comment: In my experience, the iso files that I download from
> Debian always have lengths that are integral multiples of 1024 bytes.
> I think there is already some padding going on in the creation of these
> files, so partial sectors in the iso is probably not an explanation
> for whatever difficulties one may be having in verifying a CD/DVD.
> (On doing a little quick research, I think the sector size on CD/DVD
> may be 2048 bytes. I don't make a claim for integral multiple of 2048
> because that is not what I actually tested. I don't remember whether
> the integer was odd or even, just that there was no remainder.)

Good, since the OP mentioned debian installation CD, this should be the

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