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ext3 external journal


i got a problem after i switched from an in-filesystem journal to an
external journal on my soft-raid5 + lvm2 +ext3 volume.

The Procedure was:
- umount the volume
- fsck -fy /dev/vg/space
- tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/vg/space
- create a 400M extended partition on my fast disk (sda)
- mke2fs -O journal_dev -L space-journal /dev/sda6
- tune2fs -o journal_data -j -J device=/dev/sda6 /dev/vg/space
- mount the volume, everything seems ok
- while moving some files around i noticed "attempt to write beyond end
  of device sda6" as well as "read-only filesystem" errors
- umount the volume (clean)
- reboot the system and removed the external journal partition to move
  it elsewhere

here began my Main Problem:
1.	tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/vg/space
	"fs has needs_recovery set, please fsck"
2.	fsck complains about a wrong uuid of the journal dev when
	used with a newly created and i cant see how to force mke2fs to give
	it a particular uuid (the one of the old journal partition) so i
	cant fsck the volume

3.	man tune2fs says to me that there is the -f switch for this kind
	of accidents, but it gives me the same "fs has needs_recovery set,
	please fsck"

I dont think the fs should be needs_recovery and i dont get why
	tune2fs -f -O ^has_journal /dev/vg/space
doesnt forcefully remove the flag like said in the manpage.

Please someone share your wisedom

Felix Resch

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