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Re: please help, destroyed ext3 root partition

thanks to people that replied to email.

there are two hard disks:
/dev/sda is for Windows (two ntfs partitions: sda1, sda5)
/dev/sdb is Linux (various partitions, sdb1=Debian_/,  sdb2=Solaris,
sdb3=linux_swap, sdb4=Debian_home)

I wanted to set sdb as primary boot disk and be able to choose Windows
from Grub menu (and not go in BIOS every time).
IIRC, this wouldn't work:
title		Microsoft Windows XP Professional
rootnoverify		(hd1,0)
chainloader	+1

so I played with map command. it managed to finally boot Windows, but
damaged MBR (I think grub returned error17)

I'm not sure anymore that root partition was trashed, maybe SUSE
livecd created some empty drive with only 'lost+found' directory.
here is the log: http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/9/12/214909/testdisk.log
anyway, it works fine now.

This motherboard is strange, it seems to me that the harddrives are
swapped after boot (hd1 and hd0) even without using the map command
If anyone can help me setup menu.lst for Windows (and/or Solaris),
please do.

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