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media player with NFS cacheing?


	My daughter's computer is hooked up to our intranet via a wireless
card so we don't have to stretch cables through the hallway.

	Unfortuantely, it's pretty radio-noisy here so we dont get very good
performance. I've tried several channels with little success. So when she
puts dora the explorer on, it will play fine for a minute, then freeze up,
then play fine for a minute... understandably, she finds this a bit

	Is there a media player out there that is NFS-aware, and can be
configured to cache an entire media file locally before playing?  She's
running KDE on her desktop but a gnome app would do as well so long as it's
easy enough for a three and a half year old to play/pause/fullscreen/quit
etc (she's using totem right now).


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