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Question about debuild dependency

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build some deb files for openVAS (while waiting for the official ones). However, I ran into a problem with dependency.

OpenVAS has 4 different components (libopenvas, libopenvas-nasl, openvas-server, and plugins), with the later components depends on the earlier. I have successfully create deb file for libopenvas (and install it).

However, libopenvas-nasl requires dependency to libopenvas_hg.so.2, which I would guess to be a file of libopenvas. However, dpkg-shlibdeps returns this error:

failure: no dependency information found for /usr/lib/libopenvas_hg.so.2 (used by debian/openvas-libnasl/usr/bin/openvas-nasl).

Why can't it work? Is there any way to fix the problem?

Thank you very much,

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