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Re: To synchronize system time witn NTP-server with no winter time shift whole year - how to?

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 2009-03-29 10:49, Paul E Condon wrote:
On 2009-03-29_22:29:41, Strong and Humble wrote:
Good day.

Just wanted to know if it is possible to specify a time zone that has
no winter time shift whole year? What I want is to stay the same time
(without winter shift) whole year, yet be able synchrinize my system
time with a ntp-server.

How I can do this?

Thank You for Your time.

Wow! A kindred spirit. I have often wished for this too, but thought I
was the only person in the world who was such an outlier as to want it. Only difference is that I have thought the thing we have now in the US was 'summer time' as opposed to 'standard time', which now in the US is used for only a few weeks in the depths of winter.

If you only have Linux on your computer, then it's clock is most likely UTC.

Anyway, what's the purpose of why you want to do this? To confuse yourself when looking at any other clock?



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