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Re: [offtopic] screen capture using opengl

In <[🔎] 20090330125126.2802148e@vivalunalitshi.luna.local>, Micha Feigin wrote:
>I'm trying to figure out how to capture the screen using opengl. I tried
>glReadPixels but if I understand correctly it is reading from the current
>opengl context (the visible part of the current opengl window) and not the
> full screen. Is there a way to make the current opengl context the full
> screen instead of an opengl window, or is there another way to do this?

I've only got a passing familiarity with OpenGL, but I'll guess...

If you are doing a screen capture via OpenGL, you'll probably want to create 
your own context (with direct GLX calls), rather than using the one provided 
by your widgets API (Qt/Gtk).  You will probably need to base it off of the 
root window.
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