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Re: please help, destroyed ext3 root partition

orange wrote:
> can someone please help me recover Debian ext3 partiton (/)
> I tried booting windowsxp by typing some commands at boot prompt and
> it seems to have trashed (MBR?) linux partition.
> the other Linux partitions are fine (home).
> is there a tool that can help me recover /
> I think I tried this:
> map (hd0) (hd1)
> map (hd1) (hd0)
> hide (hd0)

Maybe you are a little bit confused ;-)  (and I bet that you did not
destroy your / partition...)

First of all, MBR (master boot record) is a record on your hard disk
which tells your computer to begin loading an operating system from a
specific place. Now in your case, I guess GRUB is your boot loader, so
MBR should point to where grub is.

>From what you write, I guess that you have two hard disks and windows is
on the second (hd1). Is that right? So, I guess again, your debian is on
the second.

For me it is not clear though what your problem is, mainly because you
barely describe it. You see GRUB? (it is the thing that tells you to
select Operating System to boot). Where and how did you try the commands
(map, hide, etc)? Did you use a live CD?

Please, in the future, take some time to describe accurately your
problem before writing to the list. Without a well defined problem, you
need a magician to get a solution...

G. Pallas

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