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Re: Problems with some web sites (tuning?)

owens@netptc.net writes:

> I don't know what could be causing this but the behavior might
> suggest that the packets are undergoing a very high error rate.  The
> timeout or "lockup" can indicate that the packets cannot be
> reassembled at the destination (your computer) and the TCP protocol
> times out waiting for one or more missing packets.

That makes sense to me, but why is it only a very few web sites?  I
haven't heard complaints about poor wikipedia access, so it appears
that most other people don't have problems with that either.  One idea
I thought of is that maybe they have very tight timeout limits, and
since I am on dialup, I often exceed those limits and they then drop
packets.  I have heard about a couple things(ECN and SACK?) that can
cause problems with some sites, but I think I already have disabled
them in the sysctl.conf settings I included in my original message.

Any idea how I could trace something like dropped packets?  Looking
for the absence of something can be very difficult if I don't know
what I should be looking for.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org

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