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Re: Email addresses for root

On Sat,28.Mar.09, 05:37:07, sadsjon wrote:
> I have been wondering for some time how Debian identifies a mail
> address for the root user and indeed any local users.
> I have recently cloned my server, changed hostname all correctly but
> any mail sent from root using mutt comes in as if from the previous
> server name and not the new one.
> I would like to know how to change this.
AFAIK all MTAs in Debian should use /etc/mailname

> I would also like to have local server "root" mail send to an external
> postmaster account and have never been able to do this either.
> I am using sendmail/spamassassin/mimedefang/clamav/lenny/squirrelmail/
> courierimap
> my /etc/aliases file contains no mail addresses, just single word
> usernames.

Edit add the desired e-mail address to the root line in /etc/aliases.

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