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Re: Can't ping to other ip addesss

Please don't top post. I have rewritten this to conform to suggested list
standard and replied at bottom.

Kousik Maiti:
> In my system there are two ethernet card. I can't ping to other machine
> via eth0 but eth1 is working fine. My ethernat controller is Ethernet
> controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet
> (rev 12) It is the output from lspci . Can anybody help???
Marc Shapiro:
>> This may seem trivial, but is the other box that you are trying to ping
>> on a local network, or on the Net?  If your NICs are set up with one to
>> the Net and the second one to a local network then you are only going to
>> be able to ping local machines on the second NIC and use the first to
>> connect to machines outside the local net.
Kousik Maiti:
>>> Both are connected with Net.

I think you need to explain a bit better. To me it looks like you are
saying both of your interface cards are connected to the Internet (If I
understand Marc correctly he's using an common abbreviation for Internet,

Do you really mean both cards are connected to the Internet, if so, tell
us a bit more about how you have them connected.

Are both of your interface cards the same type broadcom card?

There is also the chance that udev has identified a single card as, first
eth0 and, second eth1 but that is not what you seem to be saying.

Someone here can probably provide you with a useful answer if you first

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