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Release: USB image of OS Circular and deb packages of LBCAS (LoopBack Content Addressable Storage)


We released bootable USB image of "OS circular" and the Debian packages of 
LBCAS (LoopBack Content Addressable Storage).

OS Circular is a framework of Internet Disk Image Distributor for anonymous 
operating systems.  This version enables to boot "Ubuntu" or "Debian GNU Linux" 
on virtual machine "KVM" without installation. The disk image is obtained with 
LBCAS (LoopBack Content Addressable Storage) from the Internet. The 
transferred OS is maintained every week from 03/Oct/2008. User can 
select the suitable OS image on OS circular.

  Home Page http://openlab.jp/oscircular/
  OS Circular Guide http://openlab.jp/oscircular/OSCircularGuide20090323-J.pdf

The installation and usage are described in the guide PDF. 
The bootable USB image uses KVM for transferred OS. However the transferred 
disk image is available on Xen and QEMU. Please customize the Debian packages.

  Linux.Conf.Australia 2009, "OS Circular: Internet bootable OS Archive" 


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