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Re: kde, dual monitor, maximize windows to the current monitor

  Sorry, now I configured my client not to post in html anymore.

  The xinerama option is off.  I have also been posting to the KDE
forum but I don't achieve to get it working. The point is that I haven't
changed anything of my "xorg" configuration file. I just upgraded my
system using the "safe-upgrade" option. So far, whenever I maximized a
window it just span to one monitor and it was great. Now, it seems to be
changed in KDE, because the xorg configuration file is exactly the same.
What's more, I installed XFCE4 to do some additional checks and it also
works fine there.

  I've read that it is necessary to get this behavior that the software
has been compiled using the xinerama flag. Do you know if the latest KDE
package has been compiled using this flag?

Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
Antonio Diaz wrote:
yes it's really odd to post in html

what you write sounds like you've xinerama enabled

check this

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