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Re: Gateway P-7805u Any success - install & using debian on this laptop? Bios upgrade procedure?

Mark Goldshtein wrote:

a) AFAIR, Debian has a special mailing list fully deducated to
laptops. That may be more useful.

b) Try one of the Debian stable LiveCD, for example:

and that will give you almost exact look as if you work in already
installed system. If you will face a problem, that will be almost
exactly the same problem as if you face it with installed system. So,
basically, you have a chance to resolve possible upcoming problems
before you actually install the system.

The OP does not own the laptop in question yet.


   You mentioning updating BIOS made me go take a look at how Lenovo
was doing it for my T-61..  The update was with a bootable CD I
downloaded from their site and everything went smoothly.. overall took
roughly about 5 minutes with the
download>burn>reboot>install>reboot>enjoying Debian..

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