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Re: specific network traffic

randall wrote:
Lorenzo Bettini wrote:
randall wrote:
randall wrote:
Lorenzo Bettini wrote:

I'd like to see the network traffic in a detailed way, e.g., which process is accessing a specific address, the protocol, and the current network usage.

something similar to top, but for the network;

I tried ntop, but it does not seem to present these information as top do for CPU and memory usage... netstat only shows the opened connections...

any suggestion please?
thanks in advance

did you try iotop ?

sorry, i ment iftop


this looks nice and also dns lookups the addresses; it does not show process information though... but surely looks pretty useful :-)

iftop -p will show you the port numbers, so basically the process involved

damn, sorry all, its friday

that would be iftop -P , with a capital P.

proves ones and for all that drinking and mailing lists do not work, see you all on Monday ;)


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