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Canon HV 20 camera and Debian (firewire)


Do I need to do something special to get firewire up and running on a Debian (unstable) install?

I am trying to get kdenlive working with my Canon HV20 camera. It is a HDV camera, and I connect it via Firewire. I am not able to get kdenlive to see the camera, though. Is there something special I need to do, some special package I need to install, to enable firewire and support for this camera?

I am running Debian Unstable, with the kdenlive packages from debian-multimedia, as per kdenlive's web site.

Is there something I can run to check whether the camera was detected by the kernel? Or some user-space utility I can run to check that it connects?

The camera works fine, I have connected it to my MacBook before, but since I am having problems with iMovie not coping with high-def video, I am trying out kdenlive instead, as suggested by a friend of mine.

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