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Re: GTK fonts too big

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 01:08:32PM EDT, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:

> Hello,
> afer upgrading to lenny I have noticed that fonts in GTK applications are
> too big. It seems that GTK does count font size from DPI resolution (hbigger
> DPI, higher font).

Are you talking about the fonts that GTK apps use to display "content",
or the fonts used in GTK widgets (menus, toolbars.. etc.) ??

> Is there any way to force GTK to ignore DPI for displaying fonts?  I
> did NOT ask for better display to have bigger fonts, but to have them
> smaller (my eyes are good yet).

Assuming you are talking about widget fonts and that you are not using
gnome as your desktop (?) .. just a few isolated GTK apps.. you may have
to take a look at files called .gtkrc* or gtkrc (home directory.. /etc..
possibly other places..) and figure out the syntax of the font-related
statements by trial and error.

As to doing it a bit more efficiently and in a more user-friendly
manner, I've had some success in the past with neat little utilities
called gtk-theme-switch and gtk-theme-switch2 .. there's a not very
obvious button on their main window where you can click and start a font
chooser that lets you set the size of GTK widgets fonts and if IIRC, see
the result of your changes w/o having to restart the apps or the X

This worked in "etch" and I have no idea if "lenny" has it as well.

> I would like to keep correct DPI for other applications.

At least that's the way I do it.. 

First, I set the DPI to it's real value by dividing one of my screen's
dimensions in pixels by its physical dimensions in inches, and _then_ I
proceed to change font sizes to suit my preferences.

The last time I had to go through the font-tweaking hassle was about two
years ago and some/all of the above may no longer be true. In this event
I'm sure s/o more knowledgeable will correct me.



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