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KVM switches (VGA+PS2) and stuck Scroll Lock key in Debian


I have two old Belkin OmniCube KVMs (2-ports and 4-ports using VGA and
PS2) from 2000 or so between Windows and Debian/Linux boxes. In
Linux/Debian, I noticed sometimes my xscreensaver will not start (stuck
scroll lock confirmed with its debugging logs and the developer) and
console/terminal frozen due to stuck scroll lock key (switched from
Windows box). Also, sometimes other things act weird like unable to
select, KDE's K menu selections goes nuts, etc.

Since I don't use scroll lock in both OS' except to switch between
computers, is there a way to disable it in Linux/Debian so I don't get
frozen terminal/console and xscreensaver working?

I noticed this weirdness since January 2009.

Thank you in advance. :)
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