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Re: ssh connection takes long time

randall <randall@songshu.org> wrote:
> The only use to correct "reverse" DNS i can see is in case of a mail 
> server, if you want to filter dynamic and static IP's (but even this is 
> theoretical since it is hardly used in practice)

I don't use rDNS for differentiating static and dynamic IPs (well,
not directly); I use one of the RBLs for that. On the other hand, it's
likely you'll not be able to deliver mail to me directly unless you do
(or your mail server does) have an rDNS entry.

> other then that i regard it as a feature that brings more problems then 
> it solves.

You and I will have to differ on this one. I've stated my reasons for
wanting rDNS. You've explained why you don't find it useful. At least
we can both choose what we find best.


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