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Re: Local mirroring How-To?

Dennis Wicks wrote:

I remember there was a discussion sometime back about this but I can't locate it.

Here is my situation. I have six Debian/Lenny machines that I have to update/upgrade at various times, and some of these runs take hours for each system over my 768Kbs connection.

I have the space to install a local mirror of one or two releases of Debian so I can do updates over my local net at 100 Mbs and speed things up considerably.

But ... I can't find anything current about how to do that.

Does anybody have any pointers to a good, and current, set of directions on how to do this? Or have a cookbook that works for you?

Many TIA!


You can user debmirror. It works very well. You can have several mirrors (stable, testing, etc.,) just put then in different directories.

You can use the following command to mirror testing. Just modify the destination directory. You may want to modify the source mirror to one that is closer to you.

debmirror --progress --passive --verbose --nosource --method=rsync
host=ftp.at.debian.org --root=:debian --dist=testing --arch=i386
--ignore-release-gpg --ignore-small-errors --timeout=900 --pdiff=mirror

See the debmirror man page or /usr/share/doc/debmirror for more details.


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