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Re: Lenny won't install on an old Pentium that used to run Etch.

Robert Hodgins <ehodgins@telusplanet.net>:
>  Lenny installer isn't. Should I still be using this machine "down the
>  road" (and I'd like to keep it going as long as the hardware holds up),

I'm all for "driving it into the ground" in order to get your money's
worth out of the price of a car, but really, unless you're asking for
almost nothing from that machine (in terms of performance), think
diminishing returns.

My desktop machine is a *used* PIV-2.4 Ghz with 0.5 GB RAM and 40 Gb
HD.  It only cost me C$160 a couple of years ago.

If you're only using it for a firewall/server, maybe consider the *BSDs.

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