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Re: logging writes to disk (keeping disk from spinning down)

martin f krafft wrote at 2009-03-08_13:55 -0600:
> also sprach green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com> [2009.03.07.2137 +0100]:
> > > Having members of a RAID set go to sleep independently of control by md 
> > > seems kinda scary.
> > 
> > Um, can mdadm spin down the drives?
> No, not as long as I'm alive at least.

So you are saying that it is a BAD THING for RAID1 array devices to spin down?  
You are saying that I SHOULD NOT expect to be able to use power management with 
a RAID1 array?  I understand that it would be unreasonable to spin down drives 
in a server but this is more of a desktop system with RAID1 providing for the 
case of a hard drive failure.

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