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RE: smart

> From: randall [mailto:randall@songshu.org]
> Sent: Sunday, March 08, 2009 9:15 AM
> Subject: Re: smart
> Adrian Levi wrote:
> >
> > Your disc has been steadily failing for the last ~1800 hours.
> > Buy a replacement and swap it out asap.
> >
> > Adrian
> >
> >
> Already had a spare lying around so i took the advice, the new disk is
> actually syncing with the array at this moment.
> http://www.songshu.org/index.php/replacing-a-failing-disk

I have had drives that had bad sectors like yours. My suggestion would
be to format the drive ext3 with the badblocks option. 
`man mkfs.ext3`
You are going to want to read up on the -c option. I usually use the -cc
option when formatting the drive. If all goes well, physically mark the
drive so you know it has had issues then use it as a secondary/tertiary

I have a 500GB hard drive that has had problems for a while. It only
gives me like 380GB to use after a format. I wouldn't trust that drive
with my primary data period. However, if I am going on a road trip or
something I will toss a few recordings off of MythTV onto it, toss it
into an external drive enclosure, and I am good to go. Who cares if I
lose it, drop it, or otherwise cause it to fail?

What I am saying is, the badblocks option (mkfs.ext3 -cc) should find
the bad spots and allocate around them. Don't trust the drive, but you
might still be able to put it to use. 

Have fun!

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