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Re: mounting DVD's

Bernd Kloss wrote:
KDE 3.5.10
member in groups cdrom, plugdev and powerdev


I am recording TV-broadcastings with a conventional DVD-recorder and I want to edit the VOB-files.
I have problems copying the files from DVD to PC.

On my computer the DVD-drive is on /dev/hdb, from where the automounter is starting correctly and I can play the VOB's with Kaffeine/Xine.

Trying to open the DVD on automounter's start within a new window, Konqueror tries to open from: system:/media/hdb , but produces an error: access denied on /media/cdrom0

How can I mount those DVDs without being root and within KDE?
Thanks and regards


Check if the user you want to access the cdrom is in the cdrom group. You can do this by grep-ing the group file.

 $ grep -i cdrom /etc/group

It should return something like this


If your user is not listed then you need to add the user to the cdrom group. This as to be done with the root user account.

 # adduser username cdrom

Thank you

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