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Re: Window Borders, Title Bars, etc. Missing in Lenny w/ KDE

On Mar 7, 2009, at 9:03 PM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:

Hal Vaughan wrote:
I installed Lenny on one system, then did "apt-get install kdebase kdm" and everything went fine. I had to take that system down (it was more for testing anyway) and just set up a new one and did the same thing, but now, in KDE, all the window borders, sliders, title bars, and such are missing. Do I need to install another package (I also installed kdecore on this one)? what happened that this is a problem only on one system but wasn't on the first one?
Thanks for any help on this!

Sounds to me you are missing the package "kwin" the KDE window manager.

That's what I thought, but it's there and reconfiguring it didn't help.

Since it's a new system I stopped and realized if I re-installed, I could do that while doing other work, so the total time on that would be less spent than if I kept trying to track it down, so I just wiped the disk and reinstalled and it worked.


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