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Re: Mozilla suite missing from Debian 5

On Sun, 08 Mar 2009 08:57:42 +0900, Bret Busby wrote:

> Well, after having been advised on the list, to upgrade to Debian 5,
> from Debian 4, I have done it, on my laptop, to trial Debian 5.
As Lisi pointed out, I too didn't find an overwhelming number of
suggestions to do as you have chosen. We were trying to correct your

> It appears that it is against my better judgement.
A piece of advice, do not do things against your better judgement. If you
follow advice that breaks your system you get to keep the broken pieces.
It is always a good idea to understand what advice is going to do by
reading and understanding any documentation that you can find about it
previous to entering commands. That being said, the upgrade 4.0-->5.0,
from oldstable to stable, shouldn't be any kind of disaster.

BTW, the system I'm typing this on is still running Etch and probably will
for a while yet, Etch is still getting security upgrades and I don't
require any new features or have any hardware that requires a newer

> The Mozilla suite, whether you want to name it seamonkey or iceape, or
> whatever, has apparently been removed from Debian, the last version
> where it as present, being Debian 4.
> It is kind of like driving a car without a windscreen; it runs, but it
> is not nice.
And there are good reasons of principle that this happened. You may not
agree with the principle or the Debian Social Contract or philosophy but
you could investigate the reasoning and logic of the decision and thus
understand it. In my opinion, it's useless to argue it here.

> Also, at the recommeded mirror, .au.debian.org flightgear (one of the
> reasons for the upgrade) is not present. So, I assume that that mirror
> is not complete.
Well, I find this page on the Internet:

And, if you mean ftp://ftp.au.debian.org

then I find the package there.

If it isn't in the mirror you use, there would be other mirrors

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