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Re: Mozilla suite missing from Debian 5

On Saturday 07 March 2009 23:57:42 Bret Busby wrote:
> Well, after having been advised on the list, to upgrade to Debian 5,
> from Debian 4

Having no memory of anyone's having advised you to upgrade to Lenny, I have 
just reread the entire lengthy previous thread.  I could not find a single 
person advising you to upgrade.  In fact at least two of us explicitly 
advised you *not* to upgrade, if you were uncomfortable with doing it.

One person did indeed say that the support you would have on this list would 
dwindle and did seem to suggest that it would be better to upgrade, but he 
did not explicitly say so.  And he was correct in his statement that fewer 
and fewer other people would be using Etch.  That is merely a statement of 
fact.  And one could reasonably infer that he himself, were he in your 
situation, would upgrade.  But he certainly didn't actually advise you to do 

All any of us were trying to do was to apprise you of the actual situation, 
since your decisions seemed to be based on false premises.

Perhaps part of your difficulty here is that you do read carefully the advice 
you are given.


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