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Re: ipV6


lø., 07.03.2009 kl. 18.20 +0100, skrev Sjors Gielen:
> Øystein Dale schreef:
> > Debian it self is very slow on downloading files, so i wish to stop the
> > tcp/ip V6 support and just have the V4 in use as i have done for faster
> > browsing in both iceweasel and epiphany, since V6 is not supported all
> > over the nett yet
> > 
> > Ø.Dale
> There must be some kind of routing problem. For websites that do not 
> currently support v6, v4 is used automatically. If you are sure you 
> don't want IPv6 support in your system, add this line to 
> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist:
> blacklist ipv6
> Then, to make the changes apply directly without a reboot, run:
> # modprobe -r ipv6
> Again - you should look into that routing problem, there's something 
> wrong there. Anyway, this should work as a temporary hotfix for you.
> Sjors

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