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Re: ipV6

Øystein Dale schreef:
Debian it self is very slow on downloading files, so i wish to stop the
tcp/ip V6 support and just have the V4 in use as i have done for faster
browsing in both iceweasel and epiphany, since V6 is not supported all
over the nett yet


There must be some kind of routing problem. For websites that do not currently support v6, v4 is used automatically. If you are sure you don't want IPv6 support in your system, add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist:

blacklist ipv6

Then, to make the changes apply directly without a reboot, run:
# modprobe -r ipv6

Again - you should look into that routing problem, there's something wrong there. Anyway, this should work as a temporary hotfix for you.


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