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Re: top-posting

On Sat, Mar 07, 2009 at 08:32:27AM +0100, karun wrote:
> Top Posting is an unfortunate side effect, of Microsoft Outlook becoming
> the standard for non Opensource computer software users.

Actually, I'd say it was a side-effect of pine in the unix world and any
graphical client everywhere else.

I'm not really suprised. There are few editors around that make proper
quoting easy. I can only think of vim, really. Anything else I've used, 
especially graphical editors, make it a pain.

Then there are the quoting methods some email clients use, esp those
that focus on html. Astoundingly annoying.

And THEN we have knobs like those on hotmail. They wont even give you
access to the quoted text. They just have it dangling at the end of
your email like a poorly processed turd.


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