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Re: how to solve the problem "Could not bind sock on port 21: Address already in use"?

On 2009/03/05-15:22(+0800), Star Liu wrote :
> i have found it by lsof -i:21, it's inetd, what's this process do? is
> it safe to stop it and remove it? how to stop and remove it? thanks
inetd is a "super-server" on Unix system. It manages Internet services
and in many cases FTP server.


Edit /etc/inetd.conf file, comment lines that enable ftp server and
restart inetd daemon (invoke-rc.d ...), check with netstat -laptn that
no program uses TCP/21, and then start your FTP server.

Another solution is to remove inetd package, if you really don't use it.



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