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Re: Why did you chose Debian over CentOS?

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 06:45:35PM -0700, ghe wrote:
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> Raleigh Guevarra wrote:
> > Why did you chose Debian over CentOS to host dozens of websites?

Not to host dozens of websites - but to host crucial servers.

Minimalism: a Debian base install is tiny compared to a 
RH/CentOS base. You can add individual packages easily. In my (limited) 
experience, a RH base may pull in 900M (including unnecessary X Windows) 
of packages versus Debian's 200M.

Security: As the admin, you can control services more readily. [Though 
Debian base install does include NFS, which you'll want to remove].

dpkg --get-selections > myfilelist 

... move to different machine ... 

dpkg --set-selections < myfilelist 

which will work pretty well even if you move architectures 
between, say, Sun and x86 :)

All IMHO - Just my 0.02 Euros


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