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xserver problem : double ghost image

When I start X , every  pixel on the screen has a "ghost pixel" on the right at about 10 pixel far
ie when I type "z" I see "zz" the first letter black the second light gray

I use Lenny (debian 5.0)
My computer is an epia-M via C3 chipset "Integrated VIA UniChrome™ AGP graphics"
I have tried via ,fbdev , vga and vesa drivers
I did many xorg.conf modifications
I replaced the vesa driver with the sid version
I replaced the /usr/bin/X driver with the sid version
I tried to change the Samsung syncmaster 740 bf settings
nothing worked

on my previous debian (since potato) the vesa driver was working very well
but I need Lenny :-(

anybody any idea ?

By the way the vesa driver for Debian 5.0 didn t work for my computer : funny black display and reboot

Frederic Pouchal

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