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How to selectively automount USB disks under GNOME?


me and USB again. I normally use usbmount to automount USB disks. To
download pictures from my digital camera's card, I've written a hook
script which checks for certain things (the existence of a "DCIM"
folder, specifically), and if these are found, automatically downoads
all images from the card and sorts them into the appropriate folders.

This works fine when I use my favorite environment (console and fvwm),
but when my wife uses the Gnome desktop, some other automount
mechanism seems to override usbmount.

I don't want to tuen off the Gnome automount machanism altogether,
because of course USB sticks and other stuff should still be mounted
as before. It's just that volumes which have certain properties should
be processed specifically.

Is this possible?


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