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Re: On VHS capture hardware/software that works with Debian

Rogério Brito schrieb:
> I have a friend of mine that has an old ATI Rage 128 card (if I am not
> mistaken) with line in. Would it be possible to make it work under
> Linux?
Should work without problems, I had this card working in the past.

> If I happen to have to purchase something, what would be the recommended
> hardware (with Free Software support)?

I used some old TV cards from Pinnacle (PC TVSAT) and Terratec (TValue), which
have a video-in port which is supported by the v4l2 drivers. So you should have
a look at http://linuxtv.org/v4lwiki for supported hardware.

Then you have the choice to capture video in raw format (yuv4mpeg) and encode it
offline to whatever you want. Or to encode it on the fly to MPEG4 while capturing.

There is a bunch of tools for capturing from /dev/video: transcode, mencoder,
xdtv, xawtv....

On my P4 / 2.8GHz / Lenny, I got best results with xdtv, encoding directly in
high quality mode to MPEG4/AVI. When capturing in raw format, I loose lots of
frames, probably due to insufficient processor performance or slow hard disk

If you want to do some post-processing on the video (de-noising), have a look at
transcode's hqdn3d filter. If you prefer a GUI approach, have a look at
avidemux, which provides the same filters as transcode, and allows also video

My experience shows that you can do everything in video capturing and editing
with Linux, but it takes a lot of time to find out the best solution for your
specific case. If you need a quick solution, maybe you better buy one of those
Pinnacle USB boxes and do the job under windows (grrrrr......)


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