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Re: How to automount USB disks at boot-up?

On Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 01:56:12PM +0100, Robert Latest wrote:
> Hello people,
> the subject says it all. I (often, but not always) have a portable USB
> disk connected to the computer that I would like to have automounted
> on boot. I could just knit some init script for this task, but before
> I do that I'd like to check if there is a "canonical Debian way" to
> achieve it.
> Thanks,
> robert

Just put it into your /etc/fstab file. Read fstab(5) for more
information about it, but as for your question the following line though
do (keep in mind you'll most likely need to change the first four

/dev/sdb1	/media/disk-1	vfat	defaults	0	0


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