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screen multidisplay with terminals resized

I have been using screen (the terminal multiplexor) for a long time.  It is one 
of those really useful utilities that just sticks.

Also, I recently started using the awesome wm which is worth checking out if 
you like to increase your productivity elegantly (yeah, elegantly).

So in the past I have often had multiple terminals running on multiple 
workspaces (using the openbox wm) all connected to a single screen session.  
This worked fine.

But now with awesome, I always have exactly 2 terminals (ROXTerm) running 
screen, no more or less.  I don't want fewer and don't need more because I can 
tell awesome to show those terminals on multiple workspaces.  It works very 
well, or would if screen wasn't being goofy.

Because of the way awesome handles these terminals, they are often the same 
size.  However, each time I switch workspaces the terminals are both resized as 
is necessary for that workspace.  So screen has to move things a bit and screen 
seems to be not taking the hint that the terminal has been resized.  This only 
happens occasionally, but often enough to be annoying and easy to reproduce.  
This never (I think) happens when only one terminal is connected to the screen 

I tried it with xterm too: same problem.


screen did not resize properly (less, aptitude & aptitude); these happen 
without any input (looks fine, resize window several times until it goes goofy, 
then take screenshot)

nano, while writing this mail: I moved the cursor some to get this
and then did C-a C-l to redraw and got this

Thera are 2 screen bugs that might be related...but the symptoms seem 

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