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Re: request to try something with midori

--- On Tue, 2/17/09, Chris Burkhardt <chris@mretc.net> wrote:
> I recompiled swfdec-mozilla with debugging symbols and sent
> a backtrace to your
> bug report. The problem is somewhere with swfdec-mozilla or
> libwebkit, because
> epiphany-webkit with swfdec has the same issue.

As you may have noticed the bug had been reassign to swfdec.
I would have liked to make the test with
epiphany-webkit together with flashplayer-mozilla (+free+).
But epiphany-webkit is not in the repositories for now.
This because the first problem I had had was
not with swfdec but with flashplayer-mozilla.
Hence, maybe if we look for smallest common factor it might
be in webkit rather than in swfdec.

- Ink Bottle


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