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Re: Some documents on 3 PCs

Allan Dreyer Andersen:
> Right now I'm copying my personal documents and pictures between these 3  
> PC and it's a hell. And from time to time I miss copying specific files  
> with updates ... so there must be a better way to handle all this.

During my studies, I had the same problem. First I tried unison, but I
found it too cumbersome. Then I switched to SVN and didn't regret it. In
the end I kept almost 1GB of data in my repository but common operations
were still fast. Today, I would probably try one of those distributed
VCSs like git because you cannot expect to always have network
connectivity. But SVN still is a good choice, so if you already know it
(or CVS, which is very similar) I propose you try that first.

I want to keep my skin looking good but I believe all computers do the
same job.
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