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Re: slocate replacements

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 4:07 PM, Johannes Wiedersich
<johannes@physik.blm.tu-muenchen.de> wrote:
> Several implementations of locate exist: the original implementation
> from GNU's findutils, slocate, and mlocate. The advantages of mlocate are:
>  * it indexes all the filesystem, but results of a search will only
> include files that the user running locate has access to. It does this
> by updating the database as root, but making it unreadable for normal
> users, who can only access it via the locate binary. slocate does this
> as well, but not the original locate.

Actually, it does have exactly that feature.

>  * instead of re-reading all the contents of all directories each time
> the database is updated, mlocate keeps timestamp information in its
> database and can know if the contents of a directory changed without
> reading them again. This makes updates much faster and less demanding on
> the hard drive. This feature is only found in mlocate.



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