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Re: Install Debian GNU/Linux

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Kevin Philp wrote:
> I would say "be very careful". It will work if the following are true:
> 1. All the drivers loaded on computer A are the same as required for
> computer B - do they have the same CPU/motherboard chipset/graphics card

Not necessary. With modern kernels all drivers are compiled as modules
and loaded automatically as the hardware is detected on boot.

If you have compiled your kernel with special options and/or manually
tweaked its configuration, then of course the statement is right. For
most hardware the stock debian kernels should work after the copy.

> 2. Your partitions are the same and match up in FSTAB - be particularly
> careful if your FSTAB uses UUID notation.

Valid point.

> 3. You will need to reinstall grub into the MBR anyway.


> I would be pleased to hear others peoples comments because this would
> make my backup procedure easier - but unless the computers are the
> same/very similar I am not confident its a sensible approach.

Why shouldn't it be sensible?

For the 'copy' part, I'd suggest to use rsync with the -a and -x options
(or otherwise ensure that the permissions are kept).

Change the hostname and network settings, it necessary.

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