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Re: How to change LANG = en_US ?

* Foss User <fossist@gmail.com> [2009 Feb 05 22:37 -0600]:
> I want that when Debian boots and I log into gnome and open
> gnome-terminal, echo $LANG shows en_US instead of en_IN.
> I found that in /etc/environment, the content was:
> LANG="en_IN"
> So, I changed it to LANG="en_US" and rebooted the system. But after
> rebooting and opening gnome-terminal, I find echo $LANG to output
> en_IN again.
> So, where should I make this change so that after rebooting echo $LANG
> outputs en_US ?

If you want it to be changed system wide, for all users, doing
`dpkg-reconfigure -p low locales' will give you a series of debconf
screens where you can select the locales to be installed and then the
default locale, which in my case is en_US.UTF-8.

Here is more background information:


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