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Re: altering iceweasel print settings

Replying to my own posting, in case it helps someone else...

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 05:16:08PM +0000, Richard Lyons wrote:

> This seems quite out of control now.  I have a lenny box with iceweasel
> 3.0.5 
> [Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; it; rv: Gecko/2008122011
> Iceweasel/3.0.5 (Debian-3.0.5-1)]
> The page setup dialog has no margin settings, only the choice of printer,
> papersize and orientation.  Changing the papersize has no effect and it
> reverts every time to the non-standard american letter size.  I've tried
> with about:config which starts with a bizarre announcement about voiding
> warranty and then offers what looks like a solution, with several different
> margin settings.  With these, some change can be made -- I can get an A4
> page from easyjet to print on the preview on one page, for example.  However
> these also reset themselves as soon as you actually send anything to the
> printer.
> Is this a buggy release or just an antifeature?

It is a serious bug.  It takes a lot of persistence to get two consecutive
pages to print with margins that do not split  onto two pages a layout 
intended to be on one page.  I don't know if this will survive restarting
firefox, but I succeeded with the following:

 - In page settings | click on papersize to get a menu with 'manage
   personalised paper size' and select this.  
 - Create a new papersize called 'real A4' and set all margins to zero.

 - Open "about:config", accepting a warning about voiding warranty (!)

 - Alter _all_ of the following settings.  If you don't do all, then they
   reset themselves when printing a page and have to be redone for the next
   page.  It may be that some of these can be omitted, there were too many
   to permutate completely, but I spent 3 hours trying before succeeding.
   There are several sets of settings for bottom, right , left, and top -
   where I set these the same I list them below with a wildcard (*) to save

     print.postscript.paper_size                              real A4
     print.print_edge_*                                       0
     print.print_extra_margin                                 0
     print.print_unwritable_margin_bottom                     -1
     print.print_unwritable_margin_left                       -1
     print.print_unwritable_margin_right                      -1
     print.print_unwritable_margin_top                        -2
     print.printer_print_to_file.print_margin_bottom          0.1
     print.printer_print_to_file.print_margin_right           0.1
     print.printer_print_to_file.print_margin_left            0.5
     print.printer_print_to_file.print_margin_top             0.1
     print.printer_print_to_file.print_paper_name             real A4
     print.printer_print_to_file.print_unwriteable_margin_*   0
     print.printer_hplj5.print_edge_*                         0
     print.printer_hplj5.print_unwritable_margin_bottom       -1
     print.printer_hplj5.print_unwritable_margin_left         -1
     print.printer_hplj5.print_unwritable_margin_right        -1
     print.printer_hplj5.print_unwritable_margin_top          -2
     print.printer_hplj5.print_margin_bottom                   0.1
     print.printer_hplj5.print_margin_right                    0.1
     print.printer_hplj5.print_margin_left                     0.5
     print.printer_hplj5.print_margin_top                      0.1
     print.printer_hplj5.print_paper_name                      real A4
     print.printer_hplj5.print_unwriteable_margin_*            0
Obviously, the printername will vary depending on what is set up on a
particular system.

I have now tested closing Firefox and restarting it.  The settings appear to
remain, so I may be able to print my boarding cards the next time I travel
too!  (But why should it be so very difficult?)

HTH somebody


> richard
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