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Re: [OT] improving the mailing lists WAS: Re: Debian VPN

I don't think you're off the mark at all.  I was surpised at some of
the commentary posted in my recent Exim4 thread.  I have been on this
particular mailing list nearly a decade and one of its hallmarks has
been a lack of RTFM! type posts.

When exploring the darker corners of some package, this list has
traditionally been a wealth of experience to draw on.  I hope that
isn't changing.  There are many threads that are of no interest to me,
but I'm proficient enough with my MUA that I can mark them for deletion
quite quickly.  I know there are many subscribed to this list, but it
seems as though some of the annoyed posters are folks I don't
recognize.  Perhaps they have been lurking lo these many years and I
admit that it's conceivable with this list's volume that it's possible
to have never crossed paths with some long time subscribers.

I certainly hope that the tenor of this list is not changing away from
its helpful reputation.  Perhaps it is helpful to remember that at some
point we were new to Debian and somewhat overwhelmed by it all.  The
ideal of the Debian community is one of patient helpfulness and this
list is really the face of the Debian user community.

- Nate >>


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possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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