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Re: Trying to replace my router with a Debian machine - but I can't understand my existing setup

Aneurin Price wrote:

Sorry for not answering exactly your question, but at some point it got too
long for me.

Read about rtlinux. Why do you need this router? I think the modem can
provide you more then 1 IP.

I think great things are simple, so I would just remove the router, or
configure it to be just a hub.

Anyway. If you want to replace it with a debian system there are great small
devices now for about 100+ € - I mean mini and micro mainboards or pcs. I
use one from acrosser with geode CPU and installed I've debian on a flash
card 4GB or USB stick 256MB. both can run the router and it has never
failed for about 4 years.

so I don't understand why you should run the dhcp/dns server on both ...
both of them must be configured properly.

besides the router can have a modem but it is not likely that the modem is
connected to the first modem. It would be the case if your provider has
some kind of strange configuration ... and in this case you would need

the answer here is
My problem lies in that I can't understand how the connection between the
and the modem is actually working. The beginning of my confusion is that
machines both claim to have the same external IP address. 

they could be configured to take the mac address and obtain the ip ... same
mac, same IP ?? do you think its possible. check

may be it is using nat or smth I don't know.


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