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Re: Release Cycle

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 12:51:15 Barclay, Daniel wrote:
> [C]ould freezes in testing be started sooner
> after the previous release?

I think so.  There's really no reason that testing has to unfreeze at all, 
but it's how things are done right now.

I think it would be nice if some automated system could, immediately after 
the Lenny->stable, Squeeze->testing switchover (1) find all packages that 
are "under consideration" (no bugs, been in unstable for X days) for a move 
unstable->testing and then monitor those package versions.  Once those 
package versions are all either in testing or out of unstable, an automatic 
"soft freeze" goes into effect, the release team in notified and they can 
decide to start hardening the freeze OR thaw and restart the process from 
(1).  Of course, the release team would remain completely in control of the 
process and be able to freeze/thaw at any time; the mails from the automated 
system would simply be advisory.

[Hmm, this is something to try hacking on...]

Such a automated system would serve as a guideline.  It's basically: "all 
packages that appeared suitable for a future Debian release (at the time of 
the last release/when monitoring started) have made it in to testing or have 
since been determined unsuitable for a Debian release."  Depending on the 
state of the release goals, that would seem to me a good time to freeze.
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