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Re: No-Script, was: Re: [OT] google earth 5.0

Paul Cartwright a écrit :
> On Tue February 3 2009, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> That page never shows up although NoScript has the permissions set, it
>>> is related to that, because as another user who does not have the
>>> NoScript plugin the page *did* show up.
>> Aggravations like this are why I deinstalled NoScript on my Linux
>> box.  (ABP and Flashblock are trusted friends, though.)
> I would have to second that motion.. I used to use No-script, but it just got 
> inthe way more than it helped.. sites that I NEED to get to on a regular 
> basis were just to hard to deal with.
Well, I am using NoScript 1.9 and had no trouble downloading GooleEarth,
it's not from debian packages though, it's from mozilla.com (maybe
version problem ?). Anyway there is enough configuration/whitelisting
options in NoScript to keep everybody happy ;-)


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