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Re: OT: Need Printer Reset Command

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 06:11:07PM -0500, microwaverich wrote:
> Thomas H. George wrote:
>> Occasionally something in a .ps document fails to translate (gs?) into a
>> printable document and my printers then spit out hundreds of pages each
>> containing one line of jibberish.
>> It does no good to clear the print queue, to turn the printer on and off
>> or even to re-boot the system.  After all this the printer error light
>> keeps blinking and, if more paper is inserted, the printer resumes
>> printing pages each containing one line of jibberish.
>> I suppose the printer's memory is filled with instructions that cause
>> this and any command, if it exists, might be specific the make/brand of
>> the printer.  I have encounter the problem with my Brother HL-730 laser
>> printer and my HP Deskjet 940c.
>> The only solution I have found is the refeed the pages until the memory
>> runs out.  Then I print the offending document to a file, open it with the
>> gimp and then print the gimp image.
>> I hope there is a better way.
>> Tom
> I use an old HP 500C that has the same behavior.  As I understand it,  
> when you press Reset or turn the printer off and on again, the reset  
> only clears a portion of the printer's memory - up to the next linefeed,  
> or something like that.
> If the document is short enough, pressing Reset repeatedly will clear  
> the memory, but that can be tiring (and a bit silly).
> Also a bit silly, but completely effective with the HP 500C, is to  
> unplug the printer briefly.  That apparently clears the memory, which  
> doesn't happen when it's just turned off and on.
> .... Rich
I had great hopes for this idea but no dice.  Removed the power cable
for several minutes but this did not cure the problem.  Surprizing as I
purchased the Brother HL-930 laser printer in 1997 for $200 - wow, how
declining tech prices have offset inflation - so I hoped it used older
memory technology which would not survive power off.
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