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Re: portaudio2/device busy?

On Saturday 24 January 2009 18:12, Tamas Hegedus wrote:
> Hi,
> I stopped pulseaudio.
> BTW: This did not work "/etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop"
> I had to use 'kill'.
> And 'espeaks' works!
> ****
> Could you see my other thread - problem with my
> other computer's sound system.
> "Re: sound card not detected"
>     You seem an audio expert!
> ****
> Thanks a lot!
> tamas

Hi Tamas.

When I saw your error messages when trying to run the espeak test, and they 
mentioned "pa", I instantly thought that it was a pulseaudio problem, but 
then realised that pulseaudio is not installed as default on Lenny (at least 
not on my Lenny, which started off as a Woody install), so I then presumed 
that "pa" referred to portaudio, but it seems that it was actually referring 
to pulseaudio.

I assume that you had installed pulseaudio at some time or other, to try it 
out, and I see that it's available for Lenny. Pulseaudio does appear to have 
some problems, as I've seen on other mailing lists. Myself, I have disabled 
it on my Fedora installs, and the only install where it still is installed is 
on an Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10. I'll try installing espeak on that, and see if I 
have the same problems as you had.

Ok. I've just installed espeak on my Ubuntu install, which is using 
pulseaudio, and no sound output from the espeak test, and similar error 
messages to yours, but I do also have the Orca program installed, which is 
playing back text to speech, so perhaps Orca is grabbing the soundcard, which 
would explain why I get no sound output from espeak.

So next I quit Orca, and try the espeak test again, which plays back the text 

Pulseaudio is still up and running, but no problem with espeak on Ubuntu 
Intrepid 8.10. Perhaps it's a newer version of pulseaudio, which has resolved 
some earlier problems with portaudio.

Installing the sysv-rc-conf package could help. run it as root on the command 
line, and you can disable pulseaudio (for example), which saves having to 
kill it, each time you boot up.

I'll look at your other thread, but I'm no sound expert. I've just had a 
certain degree of success in helping some folks to get their sound working. 
Sometimes it's just giving some pointers, and they've done the rest.

Nice you've got espeak working now. I don't see Orca in Lenny's repo, but it 
seems to work ok on Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10. You may have too look for a 
tarball. I'll take that back as it appears to be the package gnome-orca , and 
I see that package in synaptic on Lenny. There are a few deps to be 
installed, and I'm currently installing gnome-orca to see if it works the 
same as on Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10.

I'm not blind, or sight impaired, apart from needing glasses to focus properly 
on what I'm reading, but it could always get worse I suppose.

All the best.


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